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Book Fairs with The Well~Read Moose – Summary
      • Currently, we can host school book fairs using a hybrid online/in-store model.

         Once dates are set families can shop in-store and online during the book fair dates and

         The Well~Read Moose will donate 20% of the proceeds to the school.
      • You can review a model of the book fair website at this link:
VIRTUAL BOOK FAIR | The Well-Read Moose


Book Fair Details
Picking Dates:
     • Our current capacity restrictions allow only 10 people in the shop at a time, including staff.
     • For this reason, we recommend spreading the book fair out over several day, typically Thur-Sat (we           are currently closed on Sunday)
     • Please provide us with two or three possible date ranges and we will determine which dates are                 available and confirm via email.
     • During the pandemic, our in-store shopping hours are a bit shorter than normal (Mon-Sat 11-5),               and we offer private appointments for high-risk customers after 5.
     • If you have high risk families that want an appointment, let us know and we will try to schedule that         for them.

Teacher Wish List:
     • Schools can provide teacher wish-lists to be added to the online shop and in-store display so that             families can purchase books for their classrooms.

     • We are working on an easier process, but for now the school’s point person for the book fair should           request wish lists from the teachers and email the list to two weeks prior to the book fair so we have time to obtain any                 books we need to, and upload the lists onto the web page.
     • NOTE: due to the COVID impacts on the supply chain, some books may be back- ordered or out of            stock. We will do our best to obtain all the books requested in as timely a fashion as possible.
     • Families can fill out book plates to include in the book if desired.
     • The Well-Read Moose will collect the teacher books at the shop and deliver them to the school when            the orders are complete.

     •  The web page noted above will be updated with your school information the week of your book fair.             PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THE LINK TO THE SITE PRIOR TO THE BOOK FAIR WEEK - it will be set           up for a different school until that week.
     •  Families will be able to choose in-store pick up or shipping at checkout.
     •  The school will be given a unique code to use as a “COUPON” (NOT “NOTES”) for online sales. and            must mention they are with “____” school book fair when
        shopping in-store.

     • The website also contains a “DONATE” button for families that may want to make an extra cash                donation to the school.

    • Once you have a date confirmed, we will request the following from the school:
    •  Logo – if you have one and want us to, we can add it to the Book Fair page for a personal touch
    •  Any specific language/copy you want us to use to describe the event on the website that might be             different from the standard language (e.g., if funds are being used for a specific purpose, or the                 school is promoting a reading program, etc.)
          • Teacher wish lists – if you want - at least 2 weeks prior to event
          • Optional – at least 2 days before event – any handouts, raffle items, signs, etc. that you might                    want to have out in the store during the event

     •  Families must us the Online COUPON CODE at checkout on the website, or tell us they are with              “____ School Book Fair” when shopping in-store. All sales of any books, gifts, or other items                      purchased by your school families will count toward the book fair donation.
     •  The school/PTA will receive 15% of all pre-tax sales generated through the Book Fair, and 100% of             any donations made via the “DONATE” button
     •  Donations are typically calculated within 10 days of the book Fair. Please let us know who we                    should make the check out to and where it should be mailed.

Other Fun Stuff!
     • We are always open to ideas and suggestions to make the Book Fair unique to your school. 
     • AFTER HOURS NIGHT: Your school may pick one evening of the book fair for a private evening                 event, 5:30-7:30 PM, if desired.
          •  Capacity is strictly limited to 10 people/time.
          •  The time can be used in one block, or broken down to 30-minute blocks for several groups to                    come
          •  Some schools schedule a PTA night, others have created sign-ups for friend groups to come, one                school principal made a special appearance on their night – we’re open to suggestion and                          creative ideas!
          •  If you decide to do this, please let us know as soon as possible and we will work with you to                     come up with a plan for something workable and COVID- compliant.

          • We have had schools make up bookmarks, pencils, stickers, etc. to give out, raffle off a spirit                    wear basket (for donations), and provide treats to give away (wrapped to take home – no eating in              the shop due to masking!). If you have an idea, run it by us and we’ll work with you!