Cassie's Picks

When reading 'Be Here Now', there was an overwhelming amount of emotions that hit me. I feel the unspoken truth being broadcasted and a different message being told on every page, leaves one to feel better than they did before picking up the book to devour. Read it within a day and become a whole new being or eat away at every other page for months. Either way a vail that's been blinding your eyes will vanish. I highly recommend this gem to anyone.


The emotional roller coaster Gail Honeyman brings you along with this book is unreal. Eleanor is a lovable character who you will continue to root for throughout the entire book. Her polite vocabulary inspired myself to reconsider how I hold myself in conversations and her independence encourages a reader to review how they spend a day. Like Eleanor we all have past and trauma but the way Gail wrote about her journey for healing the past really opened my own eyes.