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Jackson's Picks

This haunting tale of a young genius and his rise to glory shook me up! Realistic fight scenes combine beautifully with complex characters and a bleak world to create a dramatic medley that kept me engaged from cover to cover. I wish I’d read this book sooner!


Wow. C.S. Lewis' least known novel could be his best! An intense portrait of twisted love, trauma, and redemption featuring a powerful female character. This story will move you whether you're religious or not!


This is the oldest surviving epic in the English language. Centuries later, this story still stirs the blood! Step into another time - an ancient world of monsters and mead, where heroes will make their stand...or die trying.


Jack London masterfully whisks you away into a bitter fight for survival in the frozen north. You can feel the chill of winter in his writing! These classic stories of the frontier have fangs!


Almost 70 years since its debut, this groundbreaking novel is still eerily relevant. Plenty of unnerving insights into human corruption and the critical importance of books. Bradbury's dystopia is a book-lover's nightmare!


The first installment of Brandon Sanderson's JAW-DROPPING epic! Featuring a massive cast of characters and a fantastic landscape of barren rock and crustacean monsters. Sanderson's characters are both endearing and realistic in their complexity. Totally worth the time investment! My favorite fantasy series next to Lord of the Rings!


My favorite Hemingway book! This classic fishing tale paints a moving portrait of grit and patience. Old Santiago is a welcome companion on any summer afternoon.


This is one of those rare history books that puts your heart in your throat. Candie Millard’s portrayal of Teddy’s doomed expedition is both informative and gripping. I was truly frightened for the characters’ safety!


One of my favorite book series of all time! Full of laugh-out-loud humor and characters that jump off the page. Flanagan's beloved characters have become a second family to me. Will's adventures in the mysterious Ranger Corps are sure to captivate readers of all ages!


The sheer intricacy of this book! Political intrigue, thought-provoking themes, and a world that feels as real as our own. Dune’s earned its place among the sci-fi classics! Paul Atreides is driven to fulfill his destiny—and no one will stop him...not even himself.


Want to grow in your ability to think? You NEED this book! Farnsworth takes this ancient idea and breaks it down into something anyone can understand and apply. Great for budding thinkers or anyone interested in philosophy!


Want to understand nature's wonders, but are overwhelmed by information overload? Nature is like a puzzle - and Tristan Gooley goes behind the facts to unearth the scientific relationships that link trees, plants, and animals together into one big family. A great introductory dive into the great outdoors!


How do we stay strong and calm in a world full of adversity? How do we live well? Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius wrestles with these questions in his personal journal. Incredibly meaningful reflections to mull over with your morning cup of coffee or tea! "You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think." - Marcus Aurelius

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