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Maybe a Bear Ate It! by Robie H Harris and Micheal Emberley

"It's gone! It's nowhere!

I can't find it anywhere!

Where is MY BOOK? I need MY BOOK!"


What happens when your favorite book goes missing? Bestselling duo Robie H. Harris and Michael Emberley climb into the mind of a young child and create a hilarious picture book romp. As the frantic search for the beloved book takes off all sorts of horrifying thoughts come to mind and the imagination goes wild.

Where is Bear? by

Where is Bear?

Is Bear in the dresser?

Is Bear in the bathroom?

Is Bear on the swing?


It's almost bedtime, and a little boy can't seem to find his beloved Bear Children will love joining in the irresistible search for Bear and finding where he is on every page . . . and they will love the surprise ending even more

Digger Dozer Dumper by Hope Vestergaard

Sixteen boisterous, rhyming poems -- each one highlighting the job and personality of a different vehicle, from a backhoe to an ambulance to a snowplow -- invite young children to meet their favorite trucks face-to-face. Cheerful illustrations show each one in action, digging (or dozing, or dumping) away. Engaging visual details like an anxious turtle crossing the street just ahead of a steamroller are sure to keep preschoolers poring over the pages as they consider the question, -Trucks as far as eyes can see. . . . Which truck would you like to be?-

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