Subscription Service Specialists



    It is exciting to consider that my life long passion for reading can translate into helping Moose customers to select inspiring stories for their reading pleasure.

    Each time I pick up a new book I am energized about the potential new world or direction the author introduce to me! I enjoy a myriad of genres, but if I had to choose, it would be

    literary fiction…with an emphasis on mystery, fantasy, suspense, horror, sci-fi and dogs and cats.

    I look forward to escorting you on your next adventure!


      If you need a good mystery, I am your man! I also like a good horror book, the scarier the better! Ghost stories or a good piece of fiction are my jam! I'll read anything from the dystopian to family life!

      I love helping find that right book for customers! When they come back into the store telling me they loved my last recommendation it makes my day! Putting the right book in the hands of the customer is very validating!



        Literary, reality-based fiction is my go-to read. How a book is written is always more important to
        me than any plot twists.  I'm always looking for that perfect little gem of a book, rather than an
        epic tale.

        Recommending books for customers is such a privilege. It allows me the opportunity to share experiences that have moved my thoughts, my heart and sometimes my soul.



          For me, it’s not so much ‘what’ the story is about, but rather ‘how it’s written’. I’m constantly on the prowl for a sentence that tugs at my heart strings, or tickles my funny bone, or boggles my mind. 


          I’m partial to literary fiction, historical fiction, and anything that takes me to a time and place that isn’t exactly ‘here and now’. I like a good love story, every once in a while, (but nothing cheesy or schmaltzy, please). I can never say no to a book with a little charm, enchantment, witchcraft, or a bit of the supernatural. While we’re at it, throw in a few of the classics and sprinkle some Shakespeare on top!