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Liz's Picks

What an eclectic group of characters! And they all come together to save a local deaf boy. Fantastic writing, character development, and storyline. Wonderful!


Unusual and fantastic! I was drawn to this book by the cover and stayed for the story. What would life look like for a newlywed to learn that her husband was morphing into a great white shark? It was a bit painful - I cried - but their love was so beautiful. Definitely recommend!


Sweeping, thought-provoking, and beautifully written. Love!


Jessi Klein nails it. And by it, I mean writing about real life. Klein is laugh-out-loud funny in her collection of autobiographical essays. My favorite chapter is one about childbirth titled "Get the Epidural."


Oh Tina do I love thee, let me count the ways. Fey shares stories of her childhood growing up in Philadelphia, having a strong father figure who shouts "It's defective!" when something doesn't work; musical theater in high school; her days in a traveling improv group after college; ending with her time at SNL and creating "30 Rock." This book made me laugh out loud and feel warm and fuzzy. Love!


It's hard to choose just one Sedaris book to review because they are all so well done. In Calypso, many of his essays are about his aging father - a topic which might seem depressing - but Sedaris manages to make me laugh through the entire book. His honesty about life and family make me want to hug him through the pages.

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