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Welcome to Lake City Academy's Wishlists

You can support your student's teachers and librarian by purchasing books

for their classrooms and library.

The Well~Read Moose will donate 20% of the proceeds from these purchases to the school.

It's a win-win!

We will deliver all purchases to the school, so parents/grandparents/friends

can select "In-Store Pickup" to avoid shipping charges on their Wishlist books.


Lake City Academy’s Book Promise:

To each volume that joins our campus we pledge to read, debate, craft, and consume your content with open minds. We will protect you from younger siblings and resist the urge to scribble in your margins. We will be grateful to your donor, and if, on some distant occasion—when your spine is cracked and pages faded—you should fall victim to an open water bottle or family pet, we vow to remain faithful to your lessons. We will replace you at the Well-Read Moose and never forget that books create character. 

Sincerely, Lake City Academy


You can add a donation to the Lake City Academy for any amount here!

They'll be able to use it to buy additional books, school supplies, and more!

100% of your donation will go directly to the school.

Pre-K :: Mrs Delci

Kindergarten :: Mrs Zimmerman

1st Grade :: Mrs Zimmerly

2nd Grade :: Miss Nikolaus