Mason's Picks

Dragonscale is an incendiary plague that's ravaging the world one inferno at a time. Harper Greyson is alone and in over her head surrounded by a brutal new world. Things change for her when she encounters a mysterious man in a yellow fireman's jacket who has learned to tame the fire within himself to use as a shining tool of destruction against the wicked. Absolutely ADORED this book.


The Eye of The World begins Robert Jordan's gargantuan 15 book fantasy series The Wheel of Time. In TEOTW Mat, Rand and Perrin are whisked away from their peaceful village of Emonds Field to join an epic quest that will forever change there lives as well as the course of history. This sets the bar for what fantasy should be. Magnificent.


My favorite thing about Michael Crichton's writing is the deeply sophisticated scientific rooting that makes any story he tells quite believable. I loved how different this was from the 1993 movie I grew up with. The scale of the story is bigger not to mention SCARIER and BLOODIER as well. Most of the duration of reading this book I had goosebumps crawling over every inch of my skin.


Everyone knows the man behind the iconic phrase "Alright Alright Alright" but not everyone knows the deeply sincere and authentic story that he has to tell. This book lit a fire inside me to have a taste for life, adventure, and finding yourself. This is real and unflinchingly honest and deserves to be on your bucket list.


The sustainable town of *Green*loop rests just below mount Rainer and houses several families. When the mountain blows cutting off the only main road to civilization the town scrambles to figure out a plan of survival but is silenced as a clan of Sasquatch descends from the hills upon them. Blood soaked Carnage is afoot.


Paul Tremblay has such a craft for creating a insanely suspenseful atmosphere that surrounds characters you deeply care about. A worldwide outbreak of mutated Rabies threatens a recently bitten pregnant woman and her best friend as they race to seek out a safe haven. Not many books make me shed tears but this one hit me HARD in the feels.


I loved the constant tone of impending dread in The Only Good Indians. The story follows 4 friends who wrongfully trespass onto the elder territory of their reservation while hunting and slaughter an entire herd of innocent deer. Months later the spirit of one of the fallen doe returns from the grave to exact brutal vengeance on its perpetrators.


He thinks things are going great. She thinks things are going great too...…But she also maybe doesn't think they should be together anymore. She's having these changes of heart at the worst possible moment as she's on her way to meet her boyfriends family. What could go wrong?