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No identity. No memory. No idea how he ended up on a cold bench. Steadman's 2nd novel is a well-crafted thriller that kept me guessing right to the end. Enjoy!


Another thought-provoking speculative fiction thriller that I just COULDN'T put down. What if our IQ controlled our destiny? What if the "more intelligent" members of society wanted to get rid of "those people". A CHILLING read!


2019 Newberry Winner! - Yes, it deserves this award. Navigating middle school is tough for Merci - it's a prestigious school and her family insists she works hard there and at home too. Plus grandpa is acting weird and she's not sure what that means. One of my favorites.


Backman's observations of what people really think, how we are all flawed in some way, is what makes his novels unique and poignant. With Anxious People, he takes a robbery gone wrong and creates a group of characters who are equally annoying and endearing! He slowly reveals their lives and fears and creatively pulls the reader into a better understanding of what it means to be human. Another gem!


I love to cook - at home and when I'm camping & this cookbook is great for both! I have made over two dozen of these recipes and they rock! Easy to convert to at-home as well. Great flavors - a winner!


When the Enigma machine ends up in a Scotland village, Louisa secretly works to crack the code and turn the tilt the air strikes in the Allies favor. Fast-paced, well-written historical fiction at its best!


2nd graphic novel in the Trot & Cap't Bill Adventures. Sea Siren Princess Celia comes from her undersea world to search for her kidnapped friend. Trot, Grandpa & Cap'n Bill the talking cat come to her aid. Well-done illustrations really capture the story.


Dreading summer camp, Corryn meets fellow camper Tez & they start seeing some really weird things going on at Camp Sweetwater. As they dig for the truth, they end up communicating with campers who were killed there 100 years ago. Creepy, funny , enjoyable read!


Gabby's "normal" summer vacation ends up pretty crazy when she meets Paige who talks her out of reading & into investigating! A couple disappeared many years ago without a trace. When they sneak into the couple's abandoned house, they find clues about their disappearance. Was it foul play?? If so, who did it?? A fun summer read.


Competitive mini-golf? Yes! One chapter for each hole filled with the story of Malcolm and his parents fighting and his self doubt. One Last Shot is about stepping out of your comfort zone, finding your groove and taking chances with friends and for yourself. Uplifting story for these challenging times!


Looking for an entertaining, thought-provoking read? Providence is an action-packed, creepy alien, overbearing A.I. read. I loved it!


Super-dysfunctional couple on a book launch road trip - what could possibly go wrong?? A laugh-out-loud, shake your head at the craziness, sexy read.


From Vancouver Island to New York City, this atmospheric novel is beautifully written. A captivating story of longing, love, deceit and greed. So very good!


I love it when a sequel is as entertaining as the original! Sexual harassment - Bromance Bookclub to the rescue. Times are stressful - read a fun rom-com!


I enjoyed reading about Bob Iger's career trajectory and the people that influenced his leadership approach. As the CEO of a dynamic company during ever-changing environments, his "lessons to lead by" are based on clear values and high ethical standards.


Equally heart-wrenching and heartwarming. Edward's voice is raw and honest - learning to live after such unimaginable loss. A wonderful read that will linger in your thoughts for quite some time.


Bonds of family. Aftermath of tragedy. Questioning one's faith. Eden Mine is a story of family, tragedy and faith amongst the rugged Montana landscape. A novel that will stay with you long after the last page is turned.


Charming, heartwarming story! I loved getting to "know" the eclectic mix of characters - each with varied dreams, fears and desires. A gem I just didn't want to end!


A glorious novel - one to savor and share with others. Ana's marriage to Jesus is one facet of her complex life which brought her both joy and sorrow. Ana is curious, stubborn, loyal and loving. A woman living in a time when women had no voice, no say in what would happen in their lives. Ana is a scribe who toils in secret to record women's stories and history from their perspectives. Her prayer to God: "Bless the words I write. May they be visible to eyes not yet born." An unforgettable gem!


Such a great read-part heartbreaking and ever hopeful its Muir’s story to tell. Her life in foster care. The good, the bad, the indifferent. Muir put up quite the wall around her feelings and when she starts to make friends and trust people, life begins to change. A gem!


An atmospheric thriller set in Alaska. Elisabeth meets a man who claims to know what happened to her sister who disappeared 20 years ago. As he draws her closer to him and his strange desires, Elisabeth becomes obsessed with finding her sisters. The cost may just be too great...


I was looking so forward to reading _This Tender Land_ and it was the gem I hoped it would be. Drawing you in to the people, the landscape, the era - it was a journey I did not want to end. A depression era "school" that mistreated the children, leads Odie and his three friends to escape and run from the law and the scary school owners. They meet well-meaning people, unscrupulous people, and hard-scrabble folks just trying to survive on so very little.


Jody Little's second novel is wonderful! Mac has super quirky, anti-technology parents and all she wants is to go to "Coding Camp" for summer. The lengths she and her new found ally Joey go to in order to raise money are wild & quite clever. I can't wait to share this story with our young readers!


I liked this story and I think readers will root for Ware & think about how everyone can make a difference in the world - be a champion of the Right and the Good. What a great message!


I thoroughly enjoyed this legal thriller. The central character, Maya, is the lone holdout on a highly publicized murder trial. After convincing her fellow jurors to acquit, their lives are never the same. Ten years later, Maya is a successful attorney suddenly accused of murdering a fellow juror. A multilayered whodunit with a few really well done twists. Loved it!

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