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Welcome to the Moose Gift Store! This is the place to purchase Moose Gift Cards, Subscription Boxes, and a curated selection of gifts - lovingly chosen and regularly updated - for you, your friends, and your family.


Our Customized Moose Gift Box is a great way to treat yourself or someone dear to you with book & gift combinations. Choose your own book and gift combo or find inspiration in our

variety of fun themes.


The checkout cart and payment process - a secure Square payment site - is separate from the one we use for books. We'd love to be able to add books & gifts to one cart, but the pleasing graphics and flexibility of our gift shop is a worthy trade-off to our way of thinking. We appreciate your patience & flexibility using this site and hope you enjoy shopping our Moose Gift Store.


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Young Adult Subscription - 2 Books

In stock
Product Details

Young Adult - Not just for teens, YA titles have a strong crossover appeal for adults, too. Each box will include a hardcover and a paperback book chosen by our resident YA specialists. You'll be up to date with the latest and greatest reads!

Once you've purchased your box we'll send you a questionnaire that will help us choose the best books for your reader.

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