Thoughts on Father's Day

Father's Day is a day I think about my dad. He passed away many years ago and I miss sharing what is going on in my life with him. We shared a love for the outdoors, sports and books. We had a dream of owning a sporting goods store one day which might have been fun...

I think he would have loved the store and spent a lot of time here browsing the shelves. I would have tried to expand his beer palate with our local brews!

My dad was a big reader, a fast reader too. We shared so many books with each other. He loved thrillers, political intrigue and history books the most. We read every Clancy, Grisham and Allen Drury book & had great discussions about plot & characters. I picked four new books that I know he would have read and am pretty sure he would have loved...

Nighthawk by Clive Cussler

Dad loved these adventure stories & never missed a Cussler book. He found them entertaining and the historical component of the adventures was what drew him back each time. I think secretly he wanted to be Dirk Pitt!

Camino Island by John Grisham

I think dad read every Grisham that was out before he passed away. He loved legal thrillers and Grisham was his favorite. He liked the storylines and how there was at least one twist that you never saw coming.