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Anna Rose

    When I was a kid I had a very difficult time reading. The first book I ever read by myself and truly loved and understood was The Chronicles of Narnia when I was eleven. That book opened my eyes and mind to the wonders of reading. I love children's books and young adult books because they give children the same opportunity I was given - to get into reading, to get lost in other worlds, to feel wonder and magic, and get swept away by words. I love reading and sharing these wonderful books with children, teens, and tweens - to see them love the books as I do. Books for young readers are great stories and deserve to be read and shared.


      Books have always been my doorway to new and exotic worlds. 


      I like all types of books, but I confess, I’m especially drawn to stories that have a bit of magic, or otherworldly creatures. Who doesn’t like to imagine fairies playing in the garden when you’re not looking, or dragons sleeping deep inside the mountains, or trolls lurking in the forest?


      Let’s grab a good book, curl into a cozy chair by a sunny window, and go on an adventure with our minds! What do you say?


        When I was young, my mom was a big supporter for my love of reading. Being the youngest of five children, I was the only child that shared her love of books. We would go to the local library and she would carefully select one book while I always had to have more than I could carry. Having such a large family, money was tight, however, she always let me pick out some titles every month when my school sent home a Scholastic order form. We would read over all the descriptions and she would let me choose, knowing I had a penchant for choosing stories about young girls that had to use their wits and intelligence to overcome their circumstances. I enjoy sharing my love and enthusiasm for reading with customers and hopefully, future grandchildren!


          As a child, books open up new worlds and jumpstart imaginations like no other books in your life. Only when I was a child did I truly wish I could one day have my own giant red dog like Clifford, or be as strong as

          Pippi Longstocking, or outsmart the evil witch in Hansel and Gretel. The joy and wonder found in childhood literature made heartfelt imprints that I have never forgotten.  I am so blessed to be able to relive those moments not just with my own kids, but also with my grandkids.

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