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Our Story

Why a bookstore?

It all started when the Borders on Highway 95 closed. Melissa drove by for a year thinking, “This is just wrong! Coeur d’Alene needs a bookstore!" She joined the American Booksellers Association, attended bookseller workshops and learned about the book industry and the demographics in Coeur d’Alene. In 2013, she decided to bring an independent bookstore to the Riverstone development in Coeur d’Alene. May 31, 2014 we opened the doors and have had such fun sharing books for all ages and a place to meet and relax with friends and family.


Why a moose?

Melissa loves moose! They are kind of geeky & as an accountant, she has felt a bit geeky most of her life. Melissa has seen many moose in the wild on her hikes and backpacks –  and also right here in Coeur d’Alene. Why not a well~read moose! We hope you enjoy visiting and shopping at The Well~Read Moose bookstore. We’ll keep working hard to make it the best place for Words, Wine & Wisdom here in the Inland Northwest.

Mission Statement

The Well~Read Moose

connects people to their passions

for discovery and awareness through thoughtfully chosen

books for all ages. We contribute to the cultural fabric of

Northern Idaho by supporting local authors, suppliers,

charities and artists.

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