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An avid reader with a vivid imagination, Jackson grew up among the shelves of a bookstore. He fell in love with all kinds of books—though his favorite genres are fantasy/sci-fi, history, self-help and classic literature. Jackson is also the author of the YA Fantasy series Sword and Scion, as well as an accomplished pianist with 10+ years of experience. In his free time, you can find him writing, reading, creating music, or exploring the forests and lakes of North Idaho. 



Liz is so happy to be working at her favorite place - The Well-Read Moose - after 11 years staying home raising kids. Besides boating all summer and skiing all winter, she loves all things comedy, music, and cooking. She has eclectic taste in books, but her favorites are thrillers/mystery, general fiction, and biography.



I am a retired accountant who loves reading, especially mysteries. in my spare time I love playing pickleball, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

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    Derrick has been in the book industry for ten years – at Borders before our bookstore opened. He is very book savvy and loves ordering books for customers. He is handling our corporate/school sales too. If you need a recommendation for a good read – stop in & chat with Derrick. He is a big sports fan too. The Broncos are his favorite NFL team. That is ok...we think.


      Melissa had a career in finance prior to opening the bookstore. While it is comforting that “debits always equal credits”, owning a bookstore is so much more fun and rewarding! Melissa loves to read all different genres of books. Getting immersed in story is so fantastic! When she is not working at the store or reading, Melissa loves to hike, garden, cook, and kayak and watch hockey or football games.


        A bookseller for many years,

        a painter for even longer, and a lifetime reader, Marlene is happy to offer suggestions

        from nationally acclaimed writers

        as well as local talent from the

        Inland Northwest. Marlene is our gift buyer and runs the consignment programs for local authors and artists. She helps keep our kids section a fun place for children to find wonderful books and learning activities.

        Meet the Team


        Anna Rose

        I was born and raised in CDA. Ever since I was little I always had my nose in a good book and have been coming to the Moose ever since it opened. I was ecstatic to join the team here because I would be surrounded by my favorite things: books, coffee, and good people. In my free time I enjoy being active outdoors or in the kitchen cooking and baking.



        When my nose isn't in a book, I enjoy devising ways to make my toddler grandson laugh. I like to be in the great outdoors via walking, biking, or kayaking. My husband and I like to travel, and I am most thrilled when the destination is a new one (and perhaps includes an independent bookstore).


        Wife, mother, daughter, friend, volunteer. Most recently, after twenty some years of raising her sons at home, she delightedly joined the family at The Well~Read Moose. She is an avid reader and a member of a local book club. She loves talking about books and pets and life and meeting new people, oh and books!! Her favorite kind of book would be a fictitious, fantastical, family saga with some mysterious, thrilling, sci-fi, and paranormal elements, sprinkled with cats and dogs and humor and magic!!



        I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where I played a lot of baseball and dreamed of playing second base for the Chicago Cubs. I came to Idaho to attend college. I became a teacher and eventually retired from the Coeur d'Alene School District. I enjoy biking, traveling, and growing potatoes in my garden. I also read quite a lot, mostly the classics. (Dickens got me through the pandemic!) I really enjoy helping a customer find the right book to read!



        Being part of The Well~Read Moose is a dream come true! I like all types of fiction, classics and memoirs, and am drawn to witty books that make me smile. I have been part of a book club for over ten years and am also lucky to be able to share the world of books with my granddaughters.



        Before Kathy moved to Idaho she googled “where is the bookstore” and to her great delight discovered The Well~Read Moose. Before she unpacked the boxes in her new home, she applied for a position as a bookseller. Before she knew where the nearest grocery was, she knew where to find a literary feast.

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