Frequently Asked Questions


1. I'm having trouble navigating the website.

        The trouble may be with your browser. We find that Google Chrome works best.

2. Why is my cart not working?

        We are aware that there is an issue here and hope to have it repaired soon. Despite the “0” where the number            of items in the cart should appear, your books are actually in the cart. Please click through the cart to                      continue with your purchasing process.


3. Why can't I find the book I'm looking for?

        If you don't know the exact title or ISBN# of the book, try searching by author. If you're still having trouble                you might search Google to verify the title and/or author. Google might also lead you to the books ISBN# - a              unique string of 13 numbers beginning with 978. This number can be copy/pasted into our search bar. If none          of the above works for you the book may be self-published, out of print, or only available in another country.

4. I want to purchase a Well~Read Moose Gift Card

       Unfortunately, our gift cards are not available through the website at this time. We'd be happy to sell gift cards         over the phone and mail them to you, or directly to the recipient if you choose. Please contact us at                  or call (208) 215-2265 Monday through Saturday between 10 AM and 4 PM.

5. I have a question that isn't on the list.

      Please contact us at - we look forward to helping you!