Thank you for your interest in The Well~Read Moose

          as a possible place of employment.

Before you take the time to fill out one of our applications, we would like to provide some information on the bookseller position at our store.


We rarely hire on a seasonal basis – either summer or the holiday season. We have a thorough training process for the bookseller position. We typically look for candidates that can commit to at least two years working with us. Working opening, closing and/or weekend shifts are all required. We require availability between Thanksgiving and Christmas - time off is during that time period is very limited. It's a busy time & it's fun! 

With the global pandemic and the ongoing challenges associated with that, we require

proof of vaccination to work at our store. If no vaccination, you would be required

to wear a mask during your shifts.

Currently our entry-level pay starts at $11.00 per hour. If training goes well, after the 90 day introductory period, the hourly rate increases to $11.50 per hour. We also offer monthly bonus opportunities based on sales above our budgeted projections. We offer vision insurance, and access to free advanced copies of books as well.

As a bookseller, you will be helping customers with their book and gift purchases – and so much more! There is book research, unpacking and receiving merchandise, cleaning the store, updating displays – long hours on your feet. We enjoy teaching the many aspects of becoming a stellar bookseller! Most of all, you must have a strong desire to serve our customers - and LOVE reading and discussing books. We are "The Well~Read Moose" - we read a lot!


If, after carefully considering the position as outlined above and working at The Well~Read Moose is still of interest, we encourage you to fill out an employment application and return it to the store. Should a position become available that combines your interests and qualifications with our needs, we will contact you. Please refrain from calling and asking if we have reviewed your application and/or resume. We have TONS of tasks keeping us busy. Thank you for abiding by that request.


Thank you for considering employment at The Well~Read Moose and for your kind attention to the information outlined above.



Melissa DeMotte

Bookseller Employment