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Special Orders 


We carry over 9,000 different book titles in the store

and try to keep the shelves well-stocked with a nice mix of old favorites and new gems.

There are so many more wonderful books that we can order very easily for you!  


We place special orders 2-3 times per week and books typically arrive in 3-5 business days. We will research the sources available at the time of order and will give you our best estimate on arrival date. You may special order books in person, over the phone or online from our website.  


We require payment up front for special orders. 

Please know that special orders are not returnable, as they are not a planned title for our shelves. We appreciate your understanding. 

Many times we have decided to carry a title in the store after a customer orders it! 

Loyalty Programs


We appreciate our customers making the effort to shop local, AND come back again and again! Loyal customers are what will make The Well~Read Moose a viable business for years to come.


We have a simple Loyalty Program for the Bookstore – Moose Rewards! For every $150 spent on books, gifts and cards, your next purchase receives a 20% discount. There are no cards or information to remember – our computer system keeps track of the sales. We let you know when you are close to your next discount. If you decide to “save” your discount for a day with a bigger pile of books, you may do that. However, the items you buy won’t be added to your loyalty balance. Our system can’t process two different ways.

Do you know a business that gives books away?


We can order bulk books for businesses! They can be shipped directly to the customer and we can offer a discount! Just email with a book title or list of books and we can send you a free quote! 


Thank you for continuing to support our store!

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