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Teacher Wishlists

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Ready for School
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Teacher Wishlists

We know teachers and librarians want to add new books to their shelves.

We have an easy way for you to do that and also receive a portion of the book sales

for buying additional books or classroom supplies. 


You provide us a list of the books you "Wish" for and the quantity.

We'll build the list and send you the link to the page to share with parents & friends. 

They purchase books from the list either online or in-store with a special coupon code

and we donate 20% of the book sales back to you!


It's an easy way to update your shelves and raise some funds at the same time.

People can also make a donation to the school & 100% of those funds will be passed on to you.

We will deliver these books to the school, so parents/grandparents/friends can select "In Store Pickup" to avoid shipping charges on their Wishlist books.

If you're interested in planning a wishlist for your school, library, or community program 

please contact Derrick at The Well~Read Moose.

Our current Wishlists can be accessed below.

Current Wishlists

Sorensen School Library

Books for Tots

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