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Anna Rose's Picks

What a breathtaking coming-of-age story of a girl discovering her magic and claiming her fate! This book will have you glued to every page with dazzling storytelling, beautiful imagery, high-stakes, and an epic adventure. Shiori has a secret, but she's not the only one. Her mischief results in a deadly curse placed upon her and her brothers. In an effort to reverse the curse, she uncovers a plot to overthrow her kingdom. This book is unputdownable! ...And I have a new book boyfriend... *Cough*


A gem of a book! This sweet, sexy, and funny witch love story will make you smile. Clem knew she was in trouble when a witch hunter came to town. But, she was in even bigger trouble when she fell for the hunter she was trying to deceive. Gavin is a grumpy hunter, fed up with his life and work. Then he meets Clem, and his life changes, challenging everything he knows. Maybe witches aren't so evil after all...


I came for blood-thirsty unicorns; I stayed for the fun, spunky unicorn riders and their ornery steads. Skandar's dream is to be a unicorn rider. When given the opportunity, he dives head-first into the Hatchery and the world of sky battles, powerful elemental magic, secrets, and shady villains. Along the way, he develops strong bonds between friends and embraces who he's meant to be. This is a fun read, playing off the "Chosen One" trope.


This book is chaotic in the best possible way, mixing together fantasy romance with the Arthurian/Chosen One trope and the chaos, humor, and characters of Dungeons and Dragons. What happens after the world is saved? Uh... No one really knows, but now the kingdom is in the hands of the rag-tag adventuring crew who saved it, crowning their wonderful, bumbling leader king. This book is a hilarious and entertaining romp guaranteed to make you smile.


Chinese myths meet modern technology in this humorous middle reader adventure, jam-packed with hijinks, heroes, emperors, and magic. Zachary Ying is a gamer dragged on a quest of magical heists, monsters, and the potential end of the world. On the way, he learns of China's rich history and discovers that his greatest strength lies within himself. I am a fan of Xiran Jay Zhao! Their stories are fun, addictive, and unapologetic.


A Letter to Three Witches is a fun, lighthearted rom-com about a family of witches who are not-so witchy and find themselves entangled in a plot of accidental spells, curses, forbidden magic, and watchers. This is a story of hijinks and family, cupcakes, cats, and bunnies with a splash of romance on the side. This is a quick and entertaining read.


Daughter of the Deep is an exciting adventure story inspired by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and I am here for it! Riordan branches from his typical mythology-inspired book series to bring a fresh, heart-pumping survival story filled with twists, turns, betrayal, advanced technology, and a giant squid. I love the characters in this book and the grand adventure that takes them by surprise. Dare I say, this is my favorite Riordan book yet!


This is Dark Academia at its finest! This was one of my most anticipated fantasies of 2022, and it did not disappoint. This story brings to life the beloved and long-lost Library of Alexandria in a deliciously dark world of wild and unusual magic, where the Medeians (magic folk) are self-indulgent and know their worth and power. The Atlas Six have the most powerful wells of magic of any magician.


The Wedding Season is a delightful book that will make you smile, laugh, cry, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside with its witty humor, slow-burn romance, unbreakable bonds of friendship, and the growing pains of rediscovering who you are. Freya is dumped the day before her wedding by her boyfriend of 12 years. Now, she must face a summer full of weddings alone. But fear not! Her two best friends have a plan - a Wedding Season Survival Guide.


Welcome back to the gritty, cutthroat world of the Narrows and the Unnamed Sea (Fable Verse)! I will read anything Adrienne Young has to write - her stories are lush, imaginative, and captivating and are elegantly woven together through beautiful writing. This story stands out as a little glimmer of hope in a dark, greedy world, where two people desperate for freedom find each other and fight for their own destiny.


The Starless Crown is an immersive epic fantasy set on a tidally-locked planet that pits science fundamentals against zealot beliefs. The world is faced with imminent doom, and it falls to the shoulders of a band of outcasts to uncover ancient secrets that hold the key to their survival, all while surviving the wrath of a power-hungry prince on his hunt to claim the throne. What a ride! This is an excellent story about the struggle to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world.


This is a captivating Italian-inspired fantasy about a girl who desperately wants to be loved and touched but is given a cruel fate of loneliness and deadly powers. Sparkling with grim humor, a sizzling romance, and an unlikely group of friends, this book will have you glued to the page as the characters try to meld their powers together to save their people from an invasion of monsters. What an incredible book!


A Magic Steeped in Poison is an enchanting fantasy inspired by Chinese myths and culture with a unique magic system, cut-throat court intrigue, love, and loss. To save her sister from a terrible death, Ning travels to the capital city to enter a competition to become the royal shénnóng-shi (magical tea makers) but finds herself in the crosshairs of bloody court politics. Court life proves to be unforgiving, and her competitors try to undermine her at every turn.


THIS BOOK!! I want more - more of the world, more Zarela, more Arturo, more Lola, more dragons and dancing! Ibañez has crafted an imaginative Spanish-inspired fantasy rooted in fire, passion, family, and love, where there are dragons, Dragonadors (dragon fighters), and one family's desperate struggle to survive. This book had me glued to every word with its feisty characters, incredible world-building, sizzling romance, and penchant for danger.


WOW, WOW, WOW! What a STUNNING book! Sun Who Became the Sun is equal parts beautiful and brutal, powerful and poetic. This is an enchanting tale filled with hardship and sorrow and an unwavering will to survive. What are you willing to do to achieve greatness? Zhu Chongba will do anything and sacrifice everything. This is an epic fantasy that reimagines the founding of the great Ming Dynasty. You won't want to miss this book!


In a Garden Burning gold is a fascinating, intricate fantasy rooted in mythic powers and inspired by Byzantine history. What does it mean to be a god? At what cost will you pay for power? For Rhea, all she has known is death, killing her consorts to change the seasons. But when a different path opens for her, will she leap at the chance to change her life and those around her, even if it means tearing her family apart?


I came for murder crows and a master thief. I stayed for a bewitched cat and overly exuberant, hilariously unconventional dialogs and quips. This is a fantasy fever dream with crazy magic, sarcastic characters, terrifying enemies, and nonstop action. Every word and every character flew off the pages of this book, bringing to life a fast-paced and unforgettable story. Kinch Na Shannack is being hunted by the Takers Guild. Galva is on a quest to find her missing queen.


Iron Widow is addictive, non-stop, and insane! I LOVE this book so much! Take control of your life. Take control of your body. Make the patriarchy pay through blood and vengeance! This alt-reality world mixes Chinese culture and Pacific Rim, with addictive action, complex characters, and an unstoppable fury. Zetian wants revenge and will bring everything down to achieve it. No one, not men nor monsters, can stand against her will and determination. I can't stop thinking about this book!


The only downside to this book is that I was not sitting in a lush palace sitting room, draped in vibrant silk fabric, sipping on a steaming cup of delicious, spicy chia while reading. Instead, I was wrapped under ten blankets, trapped by snow and ice in a mountain town, drinking a mediocre store-bought chia sachet. Seriously, I wish I was sitting in the palace of Ashoka, drinking the heavenly chia described in this book, watching the story unfold in person.


A war between gods and monsters is brewing in the City of Dusk. With the throne in question and the alliances between the Nobel houses on pins and needles, the line between good, evil, darkness, and monsters becomes blurred as the four heirs of the four gods question everything they've known. But, unfortunately, there will always be a price to pay for power... This is a great first installment in a series with dark academia vibes and good representation through a diverse cast.


Raised by outlaws, Alwyn Scribe is not the sort to be trifled with. He is on a path of vengeance, one that drags him through unforgiving forests, brutal pit mines, and eventually, to service as a soldier in a war he doesn't want to fight. In this gritty tale of blood, betrayal, war, and political intrigue, Alwyn has captured the attention of witches and martyrs and ends up entangled in a path far greater than intended. This is a great first installment in a new series from Anthony Ryan.


What a fun and thrilling sci-fi adventure with a touch of steamy romance!! This book features found-family, enemies-to-lovers romance, and a twisty plot revolving around a stolen heirloom, set in a sweeping post-war intergalactic setting. Tavi and her crew are bounty hunters struggling to make ends meet. When offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make bank, they quickly accept the job offer. The catch? The one who hired them is the ruthless Valoff general and sworn enemy to the Tavi.


Where do I even begin with this book? The Daughter of the Moon Goddess is an enchanting, atmospheric, romantic fantasy that has captured my heart, mind, and soul. The story of Xingyin is one of sacrifice, determination, and love set in a rich world inspired by Chinese myths with fierce monsters, fiercer friends, and formidable immortals. Xingyin is the daughter of Chang'e, the goddess exiled to the moon - she will do anything to save her mother from the punishment placed upon her.


The Ex Hex is a delightfully spooky, spicy romance of curses and kisses! This rom-com is the perfect book to curl up with a cuppa and read the day away. Fall vibes. CHECK. Magic. CHECK. Witches. CHECK. Devilishly handsome ex. CHECK. Imminent doom. CHECK.


The writing! The romance!! (star-crossed enemies-to-lovers, YES, PLEASE) The atmosphere! The characters! That ending!?! I LOVE everything about this book! Inspired by Persian mythology, Mafi crafts a captivating and rich tale of clashing empires, ancient magic, and forbidden romance in a world where Jinn and Clay are enemies. I can't wait to read more about this world, characters, conflict, and what might be one of the best-written novels I've had the pleasure of reading.

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