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Swashbuckling adventure from Adrienne Young has surpassed her previous novels. The only thing saltier than the sea in this book is the cast of the hardened, unruly crew of the Marigold. This book will have you hooked from page one - filled with treachery, danger, and untold treasure. Be prepared to be immersed in a savage world of maritime adventure, where love is more deadly than a sharpened knife and unyielding sea. Young has outdone herself with the sensational tale of Fable.


This ragtag crew of criminals is hell-bent on escape and personal vendettas. When a jailbreak goes south, they are endowed to the Warden's service, who sends these so-called criminal masterminds on a mission to recover some magical keys. Tensions are high in this fast-paced space adventure. The biggest danger in their path to freedom is their self-destructive tendencies. This book will drag you through the emotional highs and lows of the cast. This book is a fun read!


This is about a deadly competition in a brutal dessert. Winner claims the throne. With untold dangers, vicious rivalries - Zahra is forced into the race as the sacrifice that must accompany the potential heirs as they fight for her possession and race to claim their throne. The characters are passionate and driven, filled with potential and diverse motives. In a world controlled by the most powerful and esteemed individuals, kindness might be the sharpest weapon or deadliest poison.


This book was an itch that crawled under my skin and gnawed at my heart. It demanded my attention - I couldn't put it down! The world-building is phenomenal; the characters are fierce and diverse. The magic, emotions, and descriptions are audacious and well-developed. The main characters are dynamic and driven - carving their own path in a demanding world. It is Avatar: The Last Airbender meets The Gladiator. What more could you ask for!


Words fail! I loved this book - I started reading; the next thing I knew, my day was gone! Larkwood has changed the game for fantasies - this book indulges in classic high fantasy tropes while peppering in fresh notes of science fiction elements (Hello, inter-terrestrial travel!). The world-building is expansive, and the characters are complex and original. This is a complex tale of gods, games, and confidants with high stakes, epic rivals, and wizard duels! This book is unputdownable.


This is a fun, spunky romp in a technologically savvy world. Diz and her fellow band of insurgents are the best heist-mongers for magic, in their sad, industry-controlled city. With their last official heist complete, Diz faces her nightmare of losing everything she cares about. In efforts to retain her loved ones, she ends up mucking up everything a losing more than she bargained for. A dazzling story about friendship that is relatable and emotional.


Life is not easy for the Dark-Lord-to-be when you cannot cast magic. Wix is undeniably a dork - which is one of his most personable qualities. Stuck in middle school, Wix has to figure out a way to save his kingdom and take claim to the Grim throne. This is a wild and unique story told from the "bad guys" perspective. It is relatable and humorous. This is a story about the discovery of oneself and embracing who you truly are. This is a fun read! I want to be a "Dork Lord" too! :)


Immensely captivating and original. Reverie is filled with a unique type of magic that is utterly explosive; quite literally, dreams manifested! With an evil drag queen threatening the very fabric of the universe, Kane and his friends must join forces to extinguish ravaging nightmares before they consume reality. Lost memories and distrust are rife within the group of friends. Kane must rediscover himself and his friends to defeat the menacing drag queen from destroying the world.


This is The Hunger Games and Jurassic Park together with a splash of Roman and South American history. The world and characters filled with diversity, complexity and brutal. Cade is a brilliant, passive teen who has been thrown into a world of monsters. He soon happens upon some of his classmates in the unfamiliar world, who are quite possibly worse than any monster. Unknowingly thrown into a brutal competition, Cade must figure out a way to survive fatal obstacles and allies. Brilliant!


Dive into a world filled with terrifying demons, unique gods, and kick-butt warrior heroes. Faryn is an outcast from the Jade Society. She and her brother have been isolated and uneducated from the rest of their peer group. During Chinese New Year, Faryn defeats a terrible demon and is chosen as the Heaven Breaker. No one believes that a girl can be the chosen one. Faryn, along with her brother and frienemy go on a quest to prove themselves. What an engaging and interesting book!


Amazing illustrations and characters. Feeding off the marvelous and vicious world established in Sky in the Deep, Adrienne Young has delivered another powerful and phenomenal book! Inspired by the Vikings and Norse Mythology, this is the story of coming together to fight for what you love even against the odds. The characters are flawed and well-developed; the battles and fights are realistic and emotional. This book proves that old wounds can heal and enemies can put aside their differences.


WOW! More than 1000 years after a war that stripped the Commonwealth of magic, an ancient enemy has returned. While the Wreths rise to power in the kingdom of Commonwealth, the Commonwealth's enemy state across the sea has started to raid and attack their shores. The Konag of Commonwealth is torn between declaring war on his enemies or defending his country against the Wreths who are determined to wake a giant dragon and slaughter everyone. What a unique world and wonderful characters!


Tyler was the best pilot and was going to get the best squad. Instead, he gets stuck with a crew of outcasts and sociopaths. Together they head out on a mission and discover a stow-away in their hull. They are left to save the universe from certain destruction, if they don't kill each other first. With the odds stacked against them, this squad can do no wrong! (Expect maybe declare an intergalactic war on the Terran Defense, The Unbroken, The Galactic Assembly and their own Aurora Legion...


I LOVE this book! <3 This book is fiercely beautiful and powerful. The imagery is outstanding - the culture is rich with colors, clothes, food, and people. Every word will engulf you in the emotions and strengths of the characters as they deal with religious, cultural and supernatural threats and differences. This book will teach you the power of names and the importance of finding and defining yourself.


This Korean inspired urban fantasy is captivating. The romance that buds between the two main characters are fierce and sweet and will have you rooting for the couple. Miyoung is a power fox spirit whose is cold and distant to everyone around her. Jihoon is a social, guarded teen who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. When these two cross paths in the chaos of a goblin attack, their fates are forever intertwined. This book is sweet, unique, and exciting.

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If I could jump inside of a book and live alongside the characters, it would be this one! This book is rich with imagination, magic, darkness, and love. What happens when you stick the two best assassins, a deadly huntress, an elite warrior, and a perfect immortal together on the darkest island with the most corruptible magic and evil and a goal to retrieve a lost book? Only chaos, maybe murder, and definitely an abundance of quick jabs, sarcastic remarks, and a load of bitter, brooding angst.

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I love Middle Eastern inspired fantasies, this is no exception! Simplistically, this is a story about a soldier hunting down an assassin, but it ends up being much more. The characters are former friends, raised worlds apart from each other, in a dying kingdom under a false ruler. The events that unfold test them both morally and physically, and they are both forced to make decisions that will change everything they know. This book is sensational and breathtaking.


Inspired by feudal Japan and mythical lore, this book is a battle of wits, self-awareness, and magic. With strong, stubborn characters, a motley crew discovers Prince Gin and his army of magical renegades hellbent on bringing their kingdom to total anarchy in pursuit of an unattainable paradise. The four friends try to warn the Council of the undead Prince and his plot to overthrow the Empress. It is up to them to save thousands from being brainwashed and brutally murdered.


Were-dragons - honestly, what more could you ask for! This is a snarky, light-heart twist on a classic heist story. Sky and her family aren't your typical humans; they are descendants of dragons and can breathe fire. A coming-of-age tradition for the wyvern society is executing their first heist. When Sky organizes her first heist, she does it in secrecy, going against her family and the ruling council in power. There is a dark secret that lies within the Council, only she can expose the truth.


Don't let this book's size detour you! It is an epic fantasy like no other and well worth the read. This book is fierce and dangerously enticing! Words are inadequate to describe it. In a queendom of strict rules and pious religion, magic and dragons are seen as upbringings of evil. When the leader of the Dragonic army starts stirring, the foundation of the queendom is shaken. They must turn to that which they fear to defend themselves against the Dragonic beasts.


How much would you sacrifice to save the ones you love? To find light and hope even in the darkest of places? To be strong and fight for your survival? Mehr's life changed forever when she called upon the dreams of the Gods to help her during a storm. She was forced to marry a servant bound to the cruel and cunning Mahn for her mistake. Despite the Mahn demands, Mehr and her husband resist him in every possible way they can to fight for their freedom. Great characters, message, and development.


This book is addictive! Spensa, the strong and stubborn female lead, has everything going against her. She is branded a coward because of her father, and an unwanted outcast because of a "defect" that runs in her blood. Despite everything, she finds the strength to pursue her dream of being a fighter pilot. The humans, locked in an intergalactic battle, are losing; can Spensa and her crew save them all from extinction? You will never see the plot twist coming at the end - ripping till the end!


What a refreshing fantasy! I LOVED this book. This story plays off of parts of our culture, beliefs, inventions, and pre-21st-century fashion but takes place far off into the future. The characters are real, imperfect, and relatable. This world is filled with magic, but not the type we are used to seeing in fantasy novels, its more calculated and technical, unique to each character. This book is captivating and elegant, It is sure to sweep your feet! This is one of my favorite series!


Intergalactic, Middle Eastern-inspired fantasy saga! Amani is forced to serve the cruel rulers of her world as a double to the loathed princess. Her life depends on being somebody else. To survive, she has to abandon her culture, religion, and thoughts; or so she thinks. The cultural influences of the society clash with each other in the most perfect manner; one cruel, sharp, precise, and violence; the other, beautiful, poetic, warm, and persistent. This book will have you glued to every word.


A riveting medley of magic and machines! This is a mash up, steampunk, high fantasy adventure filled with twists, turns and engrossing imagery. This book is clever. It is filled with emotions and struggles of surviving a world controlled by powerful money hounds with the ability to alter reality. When a secret war is waged within the city, all hell breaks loose. In order to survive, a motley crew must join forces and minds to stop the ever-perpetual doom that looms over their society.

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