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Betsey's Picks

An amazing story of one young man growing up in Romania under the dictatorship of Ceausescu. Cristian and all Romanians face fear and starvation under the brutal dictator, but when freedom comes to the old Soviet states, Cristian joins the fight for freedom in Romania.


An amazing chilling geopolitical thriller that pits the US against China. The South China Sea is where the conflict between the two countries begins that could lead to World War III.


Just an amazing book inspired by true events. Follow the history of the Latvian Jews through the horrors of WWII and witness their trauma, sacrifice and strength to survive.


Kilmeade does it again. He opens up a part of history that is not taught in school. Two important men in history from different backgrounds work together against all odds to "save America's soul".


Wildlife biologist Alex Carter takes a job to study the population of Polar Bears in the Canadian Artic. When things start to go wrong, Alex has to fight for her life. A tense and gripping story that leaves you on the edge of your chair.


If you love horses and history, you must read this book. So much untold history about a daring rescue of Europe's best breeds of horses during World War II.


20 years have passed, but the memory and emotions of that day will be with you forever. A difficult story to read, but well done.

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