Kathy's Picks

If Steinbeck was the voice of the Great Depression and Kerouac the voice of the 60s…then Noah Hawley is WITHOUT A DOUBT the voice of this 'post truth' era! Incredible prose, mind-boggling reality checks, and whiplash pace will keep readers on edge and _unsettled_, from 1st page to last. Some names are changed, (not because they're innocent) but you'll know them by their acts. This is a book to GULP breathlessly, then reread at leisure, for meaningful absorption. I'm in awe. Step aside Ayn Rand!


A TRULY disturbing book. In this dystopic near future, the STATE will decide if you are a good mother. The tiniest infraction could land otherwise decent parents in "The School" where they're paired with an AI 'child'. Their every move, eye contact, heart rhythm, expression, and word will be monitored for 'improvement'. IF you pass, you might be reunited with your child. If you don't ... The take-away is simple: Give others a little grace. Your mistakes do not define you. Judgment is crushing.


Good luck getting fans to admit they don't like the next installment. I'll admit it. I DIDN'T LIKE IT! The writing is signature Diana Gabaldon, but the story CREEEEEEEEPS at a snail's pace. Being the 9th book in a series, you sort of need the story to ADVANCE!! It was utterly forgettable and I loathe the idea of having to read it again in order to understand and remember what's happening in the NEXT book. Just kill them all already. Please. Be done with them and write other stories.


There are few things that disappoint me more than an enticing premise that does NOT deliver. There was so much delicious potential here. Sloppy.


Every now and then a book comes along...and EVERYTHING about it speaks to your soul. This was that book for me. The pace, the prose, the characters that feel like family...I love them all equally. Winman's latest will go down as one of the sweetest reads I've enjoyed in the last DECADE. I will read it over and over again, because I miss Cress and Ulysses, Peg and the kid, Ms. Evelynn and Cole like I miss visiting old friends.


A powerful story about harnessing the full truth of our history. Instead of being a story about subjugation and bondage, it is a refreshing, powerful, and hope-filled story of claiming - with pride and hope - the origin story of a nation.


This is a great compilation of local lore, legend, and history. Get to know Coeur d'Alene and her colorful past. She has a long history of passionate individuals who like to do things THEIR way. I enjoy walking downtown even MORE, knowing some of the shenanigans that have taken place.


There's something special about reclusive Swedes. I'm not sure if it's their inherent melancholy or their wry humor. I can't get enough. Sven is an interesting character. Still waters run deep. Marred from a freak mining accident and not overly interested in small talk, Sven signs up for the sorts of jobs that will take him deep into the wilderness and somewhat far from people. Despite these hurdles, he develops beautiful lifelong friendships. This is a book you feel deep in your bones.


This is a gorgeous, rich, romantic Ethiopian retelling of Jane Eyre. Andromeda is hired as a debtera, licensed exorcists hired to cleanse households and individuals of the Evil Eye. Andromeda is the latest in a long line of debtera. The previous 10 fled, or disappeared trying. The Evil Eye has a particularly strong hold on him and the house...and Andi MAY have lied about having her debtera license. This is a fantastically eerie story. It's a tense horror AND romance. Readers will be gripped.


How would you explain something you've never seen before? Using local lore and legends of the past as his guide, Shoalts adventures deep into the Labradorean wilderness in search of a monster that plagued early residents. Was it a Sasquatch, Yeti, mangey polar bear, wolverine, or moose? This was a great adventure story. I enjoyed the historical bits and the author's extensive research. It's not hard to imagine the brain going into overdrive when hearing a bump in a dark, cold, Labrador night!


This is the very definition of a psychological thriller! WOW! What a creep-tinged, DARK, and dddddisturbing read. It's masterfully constructed. Not since _I Am the Cheese_ have I encountered such a mind-bending story. Be patient as you wind your way through the different narrative voices. You'll be rewarded very handsomely. My jaw is still hanging open. Stupefied. o.O


A café with the ability to take its patrons back in time. There are rules, of course, but who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to right a wrong, or say what never was said? This is such a heartwarming book of short stories. Brew a cup of tea and settle in. This is the very definition of a cozy read.


Abandoned by her family (the 13th daughter of a 13th daughter...and surely BAD LUCK), Vanja becomes the goddaughter of Death and Fortune. Consigned to a life of servitude, she yearns for freedom. What's a little thievery, when those Vanja's robbing are undeserving, and she is. Right? When she's caught in her own selfish game, she's cursed to become the very things she covets. I love the growth of the characters in this book. Owen is a convincing author with a true gift for story-telling.


A time long before Merlin, in a land depleted by the excesses and cruelty of its king, we meet a daughter of the moon, her dragon, and the king’s champion. I was mesmerized by this dazzling tale! With rich and evocative story-telling majesty, Lewis and Salvatore held me captive from first chapter to final punctuation. Stellar fantasy!


Orlean discusses "Everything Animals" in her latest book; Hollywood and its historic use of animals, the illegal breeding of big cats, farm-raised rare animals for lazy big-game hunters, as well as those she's housed and cared for on her farm. In her unique style, Orlean reminds readers of their species-long interdependence on animals and reminds readers to consider again, how very connected we are. Stellar writing.


This is an excellent collection of Native Peoples' folklore, stories, and ghostly tales. The oral traditions have been place here in print form for all to absorb, remember, retell, and yes....to keep you up at night, looking over your shoulder.


This dissection of the life and crimes of a serial killer, and his victims, was also surprisingly emotional. What is life, other than a series of choices? What if he said goodnight after the first drink, or left the club, or just. kept. driving? From tragic beginnings to equally tragic ends, this book is phenomenally well-written.


This is a tense thriller, not unlike _The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo_. We have a gruesome murder and a suspect on the run, but WHY she did it is the bigger story. It’s dark. It’s disturbing. It’s also satisfying. Some crimes go unpunished, but NOT the crimes perpetrated against Anna. She will have her vengeance! There’s a full cast of characters and lots of loose threads to tie up. Trust the process. This book gets there!


This is an imaginative origin story for one of the most deplorable Disney villains of all time. A mountain of disappointments and neglect made innocent young Cruella into a monster… but I’m not sure anything explains away her desire to skin Dalmatian puppies for a coat. Nice try. I give this graphic novel top marks for formatting, art, and style.


Strout has a gift for illustrating the complexities and beauty in the ordinary every day. Long divorced, but still friends, Lucy and William lean on one another through the relationships they have after the end of their marriage. Even within our most intimate relationships, there are secrets we keep, and truths we acknowledge only to ourselves. Readers will recognize themselves within these pages.


I screamed when this book ended! I want more and I want it NOW. This book was unputdownable and highly addictive. A new series from Garber...with some familiar faces. Broken-hearted Evangeline Fox makes a deal with a Fate. If he will stop her beloved from marrying her step-sister, she will do anything. Jacks' price is 3 kisses...to be given WHEN (and to WHOM) he chooses. Be careful making deals with the Fates. They always get what they want, and the price may be greater than bargained for.


This is DEFINITELY a book for lovers of Upstairs-Downstairs stories, and foodies EVERYWHERE. If you love cookbooks, you should thank Eliza Acton. This fictionalized account of her developing the first cookery book is BEAUTIFULLY written. Aside from the delectable talk of food and spices...it's a lovely tale of friendship and independence in an era where women's contributions were often overlooked or underappreciated. WARNING: This book will make you hungry! Keep snacks close by.


A cozy, truly heart-warming story about sickly 9 yr old George, and his beloved sister Megs. How can Megs deny her brother's request that she ask Mr. C.S. Lewis and about Narnia? What ensues is a series of interviews that shed light on Lewis' early years, an exploration into the origins of Narnia, the power of a good story, and great story-telling. "If we find our way to Narnia, we can find our way home."


A couple whose marriage is on the rocks, escapes to the Highlands of Scotland to reconnect. At the end of the holiday, they'll either stay together or separate for good. Shout out to Scotland for providing the atmospheric chills. This was a cracking good read with an EXQUISITELY delivered reveal! I haven't been this surprised by a novel in ages! Let me shout that a bit louder for those of you in the back: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOOOOOK!!!!


I love Golding's formula. Each tale is both modern and timeless. Was her first novel about Changelings...or postpartum psychosis? Is this novel about Selkies (merfolk)...or abduction? Despite my not connecting with this particular story, I will read EVERYTHING Golding publishes. She sees the ancient fairy and folk tales all around us; the songs we sung as children, the rhymes we heard over and over again, and SHE understands their modern crossover appeal.