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A REMARKABLE book regarding race, class, and America's rarely acknowledged and thoroughly set-in-stone CASTE SYSTEM. This may be the most important book to read, understand, and internalize, in this century!! We must learn, then we must DO something.


Melania & Me – 1. Do NOT feel sorry for Melania. She does exactly what she wants, she knows exactly who she married and they’re well-suited for each other. 2. Keep one eye on Ivanka at all times. 3. The first couple are surrounded by grifters & opportunists.


This is a perfectly timed collection of quotes to inspire every U.S. citizen. Though flawed (let's just agree he was HUMAN) Jefferson remains one of our greatest founding fathers; ever-hopeful, ever-visionary, ever-stressing non-partisan citizenship.


I love Shaun’s writing. Just when I thought I couldn’t love anyone more than the eccentric Nicky, he introduces Emanuella/Granny. Another fantastic escape into the never-dull world of the secondhand book trade.


I thoroughly enjoyed this laugh-out-loud memoir. Jost is an intelligent, thoughtful, witty, downright FUNNY guy. Perhaps something you didn't expect from the "milkiest" member of SNL? And..I didn't want to punch him in the face once, while reading.


The parallels between the current pandemic and this one, are downright uncanny. It's another terrifying look at what happens when ambition, greed, commerce, politics, media, distrust, and rumors cast a shadow of suspicion that clouds the SCIENCE. Apparently, humankind is doggedly insistent upon repeating history.


Have recent events left you feeling helpless and speechless? It’s ok if you can’t find words because NOW is a time to LISTEN. This is the most transformative book about cultural and systemic racism, I’ve ever encountered. It’s time to be _uncomfortable_. Sit. Read. Listen. Change. Practice. Grow.


Does this small colony of settlers deserve praise or criticism? Human nature being what it is, even this group of Puritans/Pilgrims fell victim to greed, violence & prejudice. I've never read a fictionalized account of this era & found it INTRIGUING!


While there is nothing terribly earth-shattering or surprising in this novel, it DOES confirm some of your darker suspicions about Donald Trump and his sociopathy. It IS a very interesting look into the dysfunctional family that gave us our 45th president.


Another beautiful, richly detailed, and evocative story from Parry!! She steps so ENTIRELY into the world of the animals she writes about that you feel yourself sitting on the shoulder of a young wolf, or gliding on the back of an orca wayfinder. Readers navigate the perils of a changing environment, the dwindling food chain, mans' often dangerous interference, loss and separation alongside powerful Vega and her little brother Daneb. Such a STUNNING novel.


Ibram gives a powerful dissertation on the differences between NOT being a racist and being an ANTIracist. It's a complex subject that deserves personal study and reflection. When we know better, we do better. There's literally no better time to read this book than RIGHT now.


The pace of Mandel’s latest novel is intentional & precise. Her cast of characters emerge in conjunction with the crashing of a massive Ponzi scheme. Who gets out? Who stays too long? What are the payoffs? What is sacrificed? What an EXCELLENT book!


A tale as old as time; men in positions of power & the influence of money over justice. He who controls the news, controls the story. Farrow's pursues accusations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein that begins a domino effect exposing powerful men.


What a satisfying sequel! It’s an anthem to goodbyes & the promise of tomorrows; a heartfelt exploration of hope, goodbye, & an encouragement to KEEP GOING. “Rock bottom can actually be a springboard. That’s where we find most of life’s treasures.”


One Grade-A *FANTASTIC* middle-reader mystery. Messner delivers a powerful story about family, friendship, the entrepreneurial spirit, & overcoming challenges; some expected with others no one should have to endure. A well-crafted & satisfying read.


I read BECAUSE of the buzz. This is a window into the perilous journey of the displaced. Anytime books softens hearts, break down walls, or confront uncomfortable & inconvenient thoughts, they absolutely SHOULD be read. This IS the book for our time.


Glennon is a thought leader, a speaker, and activist. There’s a reason Jesus only wrote in sand and not stone. We’re MEANT to erase and reinvent. She is past ‘the making’ and is now 'MADE'. She's a gd CHEETAH! Glennon Doyle is UTTERLY life-changing.


Before escaping Korea, Lily’s Halmoni (grandmother) stole star stories from tigers, who walked upright...like men. Now the tigers have found Halmoni, weak and old, and they demand their stories back. Lily must choose: look a tiger in the eye and make a deal to save her Halmoni...or run for her life. Can you trust a tiger to keep its word?? This is a beautiful, rich, colorful tale about family, love, death, and the impossible bargains we make along the way. Tae Keller is a MASTERFUL storyteller.


A 15 year old engages in a sexual relationship with her teacher. As you sit with Vanessa you’ll scream & chew your nails to shreds. Was it sexual awakening or careful grooming & pedophilia? This book should come with a trigger warning. I’m NOT joking.


There are some things we can change & others we can't. Emma can't bring back her grandma & she can't stop what is happening to her skin. It's a beautiful story of the places we escape to for solace & the balm ONE best friend can be to a lonely child.


Katsu is back! Again she displays an intimate knowledge of the history involved and she relishes flaunting the “what ifs” everywhere she finds gaps and holes in well-known stories. This is as haunted, dark, sexy, and sumptuous as a tragedy can get!


When a storm cuts the power & closes all routes into & out of a remote mountainous community, one boy goes missing, another dies. A witch in the malicious Wicker Wood sees a harbinger of death. The writing is captivating & evocative. I was hooked!!


Did God make us in His image? Or did we make Him in ours? Shelving the topics of religion & faith, & focusing SOLELY on the history of God, Aslan creates the perfect manual for theologians & laymen alike. I GOBBLED it up. His writing is captivating!


This is one of the creepiest books I’ve read in ages! It’s 2 parts Blair Witch Project, 1 part The Exorcist! If you like portal fantasies, mockumentaries, horror, hauntings, & scary stories to keep you up at night...look no further, it’s hhhhere....


The year is 1468. In the waking hours between the 1st & 2nd sleep, a man makes a casual study of a murdered cleric's shelf ONLY TO DISCOVER......to say more, would deny readers the pleasure of experiencing a COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED twist. SO SO CLEVER!

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