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Kathy's Picks

Scott Leeds has an instant fan in me! I'll stand in line for his next book. He writes with the same alacrity and deftness of the great in horror authors of our time. Schrader's Chord was both humorous, uncomfortable, frightening, and tender; a true testament to the budding greatness of Leeds.


I listened out of curiosity. I wouldn't call myself a fan. I wouldn't call myself a critic. I came to this memoir with an open mind. What I found was a tender and tragic story of a girl, utterly alone in the world. Used by parents, tour promotors, and publicists ...valued more (by her family and an insatiable industrial machine) for her looks and the money she provided, than as a full human being. What happened to her was a crime. Honestly, I was surprised by my response to her story.


Not since Toni Morrison's _Beloved_ and Ta-Nehisi Coates' _Water Dancer_ have I been so moved by the experiences of enslaved people. Ward writes with the wisdom and guidance of the ancestors and provides a rich, almost spiritual experience, as readers follow Annis. I was so deeply moved by the HOPE that is infused through the writing. Characters come into their power...and their journey is unforgettable! I've been in an absolute book slump since the last page of this beauty.


What a powerful return to the world of Eragon and the writings of Christopher Paolini! _Murtagh_ may be enjoyed as a stand-alone book, or as a reunion with readers and a beloved character. Murtagh strives to move beyond his complicated past as trouble brews anew in an ancient land. A witch is wakening a dark and evil force, one that threatens to destroy the world. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!!


If you don't believe the "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" will hate this book. I believe it. I love the book. It is a harrowing look inside a church that embraced a movement and how that movement could cost its soul. Beware the golden calves!


What an incredibly powerful, and painful, study of race...told in passages of 6 words. I digested it a few pages at a time and feel utterly changed by the experience. No matter WHERE readers find themselves on the spectrum of racism, they will find themselves within these pages. The mirror that is held up is both gentle and rebuking. This is suggested reading for all!


Arden has written an exceptionally good piece of WWI historical fiction. I was in the trenches on Flander's Field with Freddie Iven....I was in the small community of Hallifax, Nova Scotia with Freddie's sister Laura. I was tempted by Faland, The Fiddler, and the distractions he offered. This was superbly executed. Filled with heartache, trauma, and the ghosts of war....I was enthralled.


This is a DELICIOUS story about ambition, appetite, and the difference between being satiated and being satisfied. There is so much food for thought, here. I love books that stay in your mind well after the last page.


Peppered between the narrative of a young woman suffering from amnesia, returning to her hometown...and scene of the crime, grappling with the death of her best friend...(perhaps by her hands), .. is a persistent and sexy True-Crime podcaster determined to get to the bottom of EVERYTHING! I really liked the format of this book.


This is a gorgeous work of historical fiction. Carr gives readers glimpses of the colorful pasts and doomed futures of those surrounding Mary Queen of Scots, as well as the most personal and anguished thoughts of the damned queen during her imprisonment at Lochleven Castle. It is both believable and compelling. It's an excellent deep-dive into a complicated era of the British monarchy. I'll read this one again; 'just once' wasn't enough.


This is a fantastic revisiting of Twain's world and the characters of Huck Finn and his companion Jim, (as told from Jim's perspective). I was enthralled watching Jim's evolution into James. The story was engaging and well-written. It challenges some of our ideas about man and his abilities. It reaffirms that the mind is a sponge. I wish we didn't need to wait 140 years for this story, but perhaps we weren't ready before now.


This book came with a heed it, if you must. I didn't. These were some SERIOUSLY disturbing short stories. Disturbing with a capital 'D'. I think I'll be ok. I think I'll be ok. I think I'll be ok. hahaha!


Len is a powerful voice in poetry and fierce proponent of the Scots language. I love her so much! She's the best thing for the Scots language since the bard himself, Robert Burns. I follow her 'Scots Word of the Day' on Instagram and I'll read everything she pens, ad infinitum.


Dederer asks the question: What happens when you can't divorce the art from the actions of the artist? Polansky, Cosby, Jackson, Hemingway, Picasso... We once appreciated art without the artist's biography. But, with the immediacy of the internet and the reckoning of the #METOO movement, CAN we know the artists we love are monsters, and still consume their art? I'm still conflicted!! But, I'm not alone. This was a thoroughly thought-provoking book!


I haven't read such an elegant and sophisticated piece of historical fiction IN AGES! Meyer's prose is both inviting and instrumental in drawing the reader into another time and place...where the witch-finder comes to town....and there is nothing more dangerous than being a woman. Martha has a worm in her throat that prevents her from speaking and...if it's discovered...a bedeviled poppet in her pocket that will surely condemn her to hang.


This is a genuinely creepy book with excellent tension and suspense. You'll turn pages almost as fast as your stomach turns! Reid and Ana hit the jackpot! Their names come up in a housing lottery allowing them to move to a swanky apartment complex in the city. Mysterious staircases, odd neighbors, lobby staff that will cause the hairs on your neck to stand at attention.... You'll want to strap in! It's going to be eerie. You may unravel faster than protagonists!


Alfie’s lost his wife in a freak accident, in the cellar of their shared home…a house that’s an occult landmark…and now his twin daughters can’t stop talking about their ‘new friend’. *shudder* Is there anything creepier??? Have the twins created an imaginary friend to deal with the loss of their mother, or is something more sinister at play? This is a fantastic debut novel by William Friend; the perfect creepy tale to read when the house is eerily quiet and noises are coming from the attic.


I love Alice Feeney. She is the queen of the reveal. This latest book, as with those that preceded, readers will have all the facts before them, but perhaps won't hit upon the solution. I'll be first in line for her next novel.


I love Ward’s writing. It’s intelligent and rife with unreliable narrators and characters. We do not see things as they are. This latest book, like those previous, dabbles with mental instability. Don’t trust what you see. The truth is present on every page, but I bet you interpreted it inaccurately. Omg. Is this what I love about her books?? I think it is. Don’t fall asleep reading this one. You’ll need your wits about you!


McBride's latest is a cultural timepiece of 1930s New England, America; a clashing cultural deep dive into the every day lives of Jewish, Black, and White communities in a small town. The character development is excellent. You'll enjoy the turns of phrase (not heard since the last family reunion with your grandparents), the unity found through music and the dancehalls of old, the connectedness of small communities, the politics of local unions and churches, even the horrors of mass asylums. It'


What a zany, adorably cringy, appropriately humorous, and thoroughly relatable peek into the comedic and troubled brain of Maria Bamford! Both heartfelt and tragic, it's a fascinating window into the challenges faced by those who struggle with intrusive thoughts, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and attempting life during this insane period in Earth's history. 1. I will leave the cults I've joined. 2. I will recommend this book. 3. I will no longer shop at Target.


Having walked away from Mormonism myself, it wasn't hard to recognize the author's journey...cleverly reframed in this technicolor new horror release. As BOTH religion and television have been referred to as the opiate of the masses, what a brilliant combination we find in _Mister Magic_. This was a fantastic audio download from Libro.FM...and perfectly narrated.


What a wildly imagined, as well as heavily researched, book! I suppose the argument could be made that, 'when looking for patterns, one will find them'...however, it was easy to be swept into the cyclical nature of Howe's hypothesis. Man IS a creature of habit after all, and ANYONE who studies history is bound to notice generational cycles. What I wasn't prepared for was the optimism and hope for the future that was written on nearly every page...IF ONLY WE MAKE THE RIGHT. NEXT. MOVES.


I will continue to read everything Harrow pens! This was a rich, evocative, and engaging horror/fantasy with wily, gritty, flawed (even ugly) characters whom I found endearing. The story has tension, romance, a vengeful ghost, and a house that chooses its own caretakers/wardens.


As a bookseller, it's common to read through books at a breakneck pace; always on to the next tale, genre, or page-turner. When you come across a book so achingly beautiful as _Hello wish time could slow. I wanted to spend YEARS within this story. I adored the complexity AND simplicity of the sisters' relationships with each other. Reading _Hello Beautiful_ was like spending time with the friend who 'knew me when' and the sister who's always known me.

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