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Marlene's Picks

Leif Enger never disappoints. Never. This dystopian novel is beautifully crafted and it seemed liked each page is filled with sentences that are worthy of reading multiple times. The story-telling is impeccable, infused with hope, not just for the characters, but also for the world. Loved it!


This story variation of the Jim character in the novel, Huckleberry Finn, is unique, a bit unsettling and very unforgettable. A deft commentary of the times, well written and provides plenty of food for thought.


Anna Marie, an ambitious prodigy under the tutelage of Vivaldi, overcomes the fate of so many talented girls in the 18th century. Her success has many costs. The story and writing is both lyrical and colorful and fully immersive.


If you like a true crime story filled with ambition, sexism, mob gangsters, screen stars sleeping with other screen stars, cover ups, violence and revenge...this book has it all. Addictive to read.


An innocent grandchild's DNA project reveals many, many secrets and heartrending discoveries that challenge family members to embrace what it means to be a family. Absorbing and entertaining.


Please don't ask me to explain crypto-currency, however, I found this story about Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX fascinating.


Rich in detail about the emerging city of Seattle and characters that find what it takes to make it their home. Many trials and tribulations along the way and a love story that will tug at your heart Absorbing and very enjoyable read.


A journey for Jo that uncovers strength and resilience she didn't know she had. Funny and heartfelt.


Beautifully written essays that will cradle your soul and reveal the incredible impact friendships can have in your life.


Well written and well done story about a young climber that tries to unravel the mystery of her father's disappearance. She must use her climbing skills, smarts, and a willingness to accept help from her ex-boyfriend.


A well-structured story that will strike at your heart when reading about Kit, a Cherokee girl that is taken from her home and the people she loves. She must plot a way to escape the religious boarding school she was sent to and the abuse that lies within. A very compelling story.


Really good historical fiction that will resonate with many readers. Our book club thoroughly enjoyed this book.


Funny and disturbing, McCurdy's early entry to fame and the struggles she endured will haunt you. Her stage mother is someone you won't soon forget and her struggles with eating disorders are heart wrenching, yet, I couldn't put this biography down.


The talent this hustler has is quite remarkable and his story, his revelations about the art industry, and the greed that permeates it, is worth the read.


From respected wife of a privateer to aiding and abetting a convicted pirate, Sarah's story is amazing. Well researched and well told.


Really compelling and "addictive" read that will amaze you with his honesty, insights, regrets and excellent storytelling. Rather astonishing his addictions haven't made him pay the ultimate price.


What is missing in our lives can be as revealing as all the stuff that is present in our lives. This well-crafted story examines expectations, regret, love and loss, all set in China during the cultural revolution. Beautiful, heart-breaking and will reside inside the reader's soul for a long time.


A great sequel to The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek. I loved the continuation of the story, the characters, the history, and the words that Kim Michele Richardson puts to paper. A real gem.


What seems like Paradise begins to unravel in this taunt thriller that will make you think twice about sailing off into the sunset.


Three powerful, character driven stories, each involving the law...ahh, but so much more. Very satisfying.


Bittersweet story of friendship, loss and loving our dogs.


Gripping, Timely, and Terrifying!


When 12-year-old Esther goes missing, a small, dusty Australian town has many folks with secrets to hide. Her best friend Ronnie is determined to reveal the truth. Developed characters, a wonderful sense of place and writing that refuses the reader's ability to put the book down.


Bond takes the reader on the easy slide into Benzo addiction, the personal prices you pay, and the lifelong struggles to overcome addiction. Tightly written and hard to put down.


"An adventure within reach, but still out of bounds. A great collection that reflect the reporter's skill and ease with telling stories "you didn't know you wanted to read."

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