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Welcome to the Moose Gift Store! This is the place to purchase Moose Gift Cards, Subscription Boxes, and a curated selection of gifts - lovingly chosen and regularly updated - for you, your friends, and your family.


Our Customized Moose Gift Box is a great way to treat yourself or someone dear to you with book & gift combinations. Choose your own book and gift combo or find inspiration in our

variety of fun themes.


The checkout cart and payment process - a secure Square payment site - is separate from the one we use for books. We'd love to be able to add books & gifts to one cart, but the pleasing graphics and flexibility of our gift shop is a worthy trade-off to our way of thinking. We appreciate your patience & flexibility using this site and hope you enjoy shopping our Moose Gift Store.


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Adult Subscription Service

Start Your Personalized Reading Journey Here...

Our customers love coming into the store and reading our staff suggestions and
chatting with our booksellers about their latest favorite reads. We enjoy sharing our
enthusiastic love of literature, and want to provide that service for our customers wherever they or their readers live.

We believe that books can change lives, and certainly add enrichment and
satisfaction for readers of all ages and interests. Personalized selections will be
made by our reading specialists; booksellers who share a passion for fiction of all genres.

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